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Art Curriculum:

We offer a wide and interesting Art curriculum to the little Artists, nurturing their young minds to be Imaginative, Creative and Innovative. The Art curriculum and teaching methods at our school ensure to develop other important traits like building their cognitive skills, interpersonal skills, motor skills, aesthetics and confidence in students. The curriculum includes a range of mediums, themes, techniques, and processes in drawing, painting, 3D art, mixed media, etc whilst sharpening their core Art Skills of Drawing, Colouring and Painting. Students are encouraged to express themselves freely, appreciate all Art forms while creating their own masterpieces thus embarking on an enjoyable ART journey throughout all levels.

Art Teacher

Ms. Seema Soares.

LittleWorld Music Program

Music & Art foster the holistic development of the child, including the cognitive, physical, social-emotional and creative domains. Partnered with St. Pius X International School, the Littleworld Music Program is an activity-based structured music program initiated by TIMBRE for IEYC grades 1, 2 and 3. This program offers a complete guide to nurturing every child with a step by step process to make them musically inclined. Just like learning a new language, learning music will come naturally if it is initiated during early childhood and therefore this course is specifically designed with musical concepts to develop and refine the music skills of a child.

It involves following:


Learning Music Elements like Rhythm, Tempo, Pitch, Beat & Melodies


Vocal training and learning various Thematic Songs


Introduction to Different Instruments (Names & Sound)


Musically engaging Activities, Games, Stories and Videos


Body movements (breathing exercises, dancing, swaying)


Sing confidently accompanied by actions/percussion instruments


Listen and identify sounds of Common musical instruments


Develop an Ear for Music and Passion for Singing


TIMBRE is a Music & Art Academy offering a broad range of Music and Art courses to children and adults. ‘Timbre’ is synonymous to ‘the tone of a musical sound’. TIMBRE was founded by Seema & Anil Soares with an aim to provide students across all ages with quality Music and Instrument learning experience with a clear path of progression and well defined milestones. The vision of TIMBRE is to enhance every student’s natural ability to listen, observe and analyze their soundscapes and experience an exhilarating musical journey through new and innovative concepts while also keeping-up with the traditional music learning methods.

TIMBRE also teaches the Guitar, Drums, Flute, Drawing, Painting and Creative Paper Art.

Only the BEst

We Know How to Make Learning Fun For Kids

We provide children with opportunities to engage in learning activities that have been holistically designed around the Learning Strands.

We provide children an opportunity to reflect, share and celebrate what they have learned.

Our units are based around themes that capture children's curiosity.

St. Pius X International School Games and Fun Activities

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